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How many of us are fortunate enough have the resources to enroll our kids in art, music, acting, sports,

or academic enrichment outside of school.





We do it because we know the value of it. We see it in our kids when they come home from a lesson or practice – they learned a new skill they want to tell us about. They come home from summer camp changed. Sometimes they are only gone a week – how did that happen! They picked up a guitar and all of a sudden couldn’t learn it fast enough and asked to take lessons, and wants to become a song writer. Sometimes we’re not sure what our kids will be interested in, if anything.





Then comes that moment when they are exposed to something new and it can all change from there. Your child is motivated.


Sometimes these opportunities have a more simple but equally important role to play. They keep children busy especially during the hours of 2:00 – 6:00 p.m., the hours that can lead to negative behaviors. It stimulates their minds, keeps them healthier physically and emotionally. We know this to be true, so why isn’t everyone participating in something? What is keeping parents from signing their kids up for at least one enrichment class? Finances.



"I often tell people I cannot even draw a stick figure, as I have little to no artistic ability in any medium. But what if? What if I had a benefactor? What if there were people willing to go that extra mile for me when I was just a kid; to show the world what I may have found inside of me?
What if?"







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