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How does it work? Read the requests and choose one that resonates with you, and simply click on the button to cover the cost of the verified request.


Or, give to general fund and requests will be honored through that way.


You've now participated in the extraordinary act of doing something kind for a stranger!


Are you a student interested   in   engaging in  an out-of-school  experience    for which you need assistanceSend an email with your specific request including what the opportunity    is, where, when, and the cost.


Send us a picture (or symbol if prefer)   

with a little bit about yourself!

Verification  of the program is required to proceed. 

Or email  to  be added to the mailing list!

"I often tell people I cannot even draw a stick figure, as I have little to no artistic ability in any medium. But what if? What if I had a benefactor? What if there were people willing to go that extra mile for me when I was just a kid; to show the world what I may have found inside of me?


What if?"

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